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A Typical Day in Playa Guiones

A Typical Day in Playa Guiones

A Typical Day in Playa Guiones


In Playa Guiones, the howler monkeys start chortling and roaring around 4:45 A.M. I usually hit the howler-snooze button until around 6.


Breakfast on the patio. Usually fruit with yogurt and a little granola. Sometimes it’s dense bread smeared with avocado. Yum!


Yoga in one of the many studios here. One of the reasons I picked this place is the incredible yoga community.


Mom gave me a plastic “emergency” vase for Christmas. It flattens and packs easily. A little water makes it stand up straight. I clipped this flower from a plant on my patio on the first day and it’s still going strong.


This is Luna, the neighborhood cat. She sticks around my house because I slip her a few kitty bitties now and again. She also visits the other houses, where she is also known as “Jalepeno” and “Steve.”


This is my new convertible. I bought it from Juan who runs the surf shop on the corner, who I’m sure will buy it back for a profit in six months.


Dry season is aptly named. The roads are so dusty, they cover them with molasses. The whole village smells like, well, molasses.


At around 5 pm every day, everyone goes to the beach to watch the sunset. Dogs frolic, tourists take photos, yogis cartwheel and surfers surf. When the sun sizzles into the ocean, most everyone claps.