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Media Mentions for Mary Tribble

Charlotte Observer - November 12, 2014

The Surprising Pervasiveness of Professional Tyranny

Some salacious news hit my hometown a few days ago. Our relatively new and presumably high-performing public school superintendent abruptly resigned. For a skinny minute, he cited the ubiquitous “more time with the family” explanation, which put everyone on high alert. No way that was the whole story.

Charlotte Observer - August 25, 2014

Veteran Charlotte Event Planner takes post with Wake Forest

Mary Tribble, whose long career as a Charlotte event planner included overseeing galas for the 2012 Democratic National Convention, has accepted a new post at Wake Forest University.

ElephantJournal.com - March 22nd, 2014

Anita Hill: Why I Believed Her Then, & Would Like to Thank Her Now

Anita Hill started talking—she got my attention.

In October 1991, I had not yet turned 30. Diligently running my fledgling company, I paid little attention to politics at the time. I was trying to make a name for myself, chasing success and positive cash flow. I watched the news more to keep up with conversations at pitch meetings, rather than to form my own opinions about the world around me.

Event-Solutions.com - January 14th, 2014

Taking a Chance on Change

There is an old Sufi story about a man being chased by a fierce tiger. He races across the countryside so fast that he runs off a cliff. As his arms flail on his descent, he catches onto a branch. He grasps it tightly, looking up at the growling tiger. He looks down: hundreds of feet below, a violent ocean breaks against the jagged rocks. He looks up again, this time to see two mice gnawing at the branch.

Today's Charlotte Woman - January, 2014

Soul Searcher: Mary Tribble Delves Into Self-Discovery

In this month’s cover story, event-planner extraordinaire Mary Tribble talks about her mid-life overhaul, which included selling her company, writing a book, and taking a walk of silence in the Sahara Desert.

In the story, Tribble describes the “ballyhoo” moments of her career, and how unfulfilled she felt at the top. She explains, “I’d be in the sound booth with my headset on, following the event’s script, and I’d say to the sound guys, ‘Cue the ballyhoo!’ – which is the moment in an event when the confetti cannons go off, the music comes on, the dancing girls come out, and so on. Then I’d just go home and have a bowl of Special K with my cats. Those ‘ballyhoo’ moments can be empty. I loved what I did, but I hated my life.”

Today's Charlotte Woman - March, 2001

Charlotte Business Woman of the Year

Mary Tribble, president and owner of Tribble Creative Group, was named the 2000 Charlotte Business Woman of the Year at a February 8 luncheon sponsored by McColl School of Business at Queens College and Wachovia Bank. Tribble, who started her company in 1985, is a nationally recognized and award-winning special event professional who has appeared in publications including Cosmopolitan, Kiplinger Financial, and Special Events magazine. In addition…

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