Time to Clean Up our Act

Time to Clean Up our Act

If you saw my post on The Accidental Legacy, you will recall that while at Wake Forest, seven friends and I created the Funk Band, an entry in our society rush talent show designed to upset the status quo.

(First off, I should mention that one of my fellow Funk Band members took exception to my calling us as misfits in that earlier post. Lisa would like me to point out that we were well adjusted and well liked and not at all misfits in college. I’d like to counter that 8 women who were willing to buck the trend of our singularly talented sisters by donning oversized blue tux jackets and knit caps to “dance” with no training or talent is the very definition of a misfit.)

Semantics aside, we all still agree it was a highlight of our time at Wake.


At homecoming last weekend, some members of the original band arranged to meet up with the latest class of Funk Band members. Six of them came bearing (not wearing) their jackets, which had not been washed in the 30 years of Funk Band performances.


The jackets have been handed down from senior to senior, each member writing their names inside as they bequeathed a coveted Funk Band spot to a younger counterpart. The current members keep their “jackets”—mere shreds of cloth—in plastic bags in the back of their closets to keep the smells from emanating into their rooms.


We had seen the jackets in this state a few years back and decided it was time to do something. The current jackets are past repair—some lost their lining and sleeves long ago—and no number of trips to the cleaners could wash out the smell.

We all agreed, it was time to clean up our act.  Enter E-bay, where one of our members found brand new replacements. On Saturday morning of homecoming, we surprised the 2014 graduating Funk Bank class with a new set of light blue jackets. They were thrilled. One girl asked, “Is this the color ours were originally?” Trust me, after so many years, they couldn’t tell.


What will happen with the old jackets, we haven’t a clue. We trust the current band will retire them with the honor they deserve. We are sure they will be preserved and displayed appropriately, and that the new jackets will allow another thirty year Funk Band cycle to begin.



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